Július 25,  Csütörtök

Határokon Átívelő Szellemi Táplálék


The white Christian übermensch

Ez a felület kizárólag önkéntes olvasói támogatásokból működik. Nem politikusok, háttérhatalmak és gazdasági érdekcsoportok tulajdona, kizárólag az olvasóké.

Kiszámítható működésünket körülbelül havi 3,000,000 forint biztosítja. Ebben a hónapban összegyűlt 2,369,185 forint, még hiányzik 630,815 forint.
A Szalonnát ITT támogathatod, a Szalonnázó extra cikkeire ITT tudsz előfizetni.

Köszönjük, hogy fontos számodra a munkánk.

Here is this Christian Democracy, the old-fashioned one. You facepalm and dig into your own flesh with eight fingers now because this is truly unbearable. This encapsulation in a single qualified noun of stupidity, uncouthness and venality. The Hungarian people will put up with it though, I’m afraid, because the vast majority of them don’t even understand what „old-fashioned Christian democracy” means, just like this infinitely asinine figure has no clue what he is blathering on about.

For some reason, in December last year, I reflected on this in a very gentle, subtle piece, I’ll post it here again, in the hope of winding up those who do not know what’s in the offing here again.

Christlich Demokratische Union. Or as it’s better known, CDU. Christian Democratic Union. That is, Association. About 0.5 (half) percent of Germany’s population are members of this party. There are no statistics on the religious, nor on churchgoers, but it is estimated that it represents 5 (five) percent of the population, which dwindles every year.

In Austria, according to nearly ten-year-old data, the proportion of churchgoers is below 4 (four) percent.

There is no data of the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, there is no data, because it is not measured, because it cannot be measured, in Great Britain fewer than 2 (two) per cent go to church at least once a month. There is no data of Italy, only the cries of the priests that echo through the internet and the press: young people do not go to church and do not deal with religion at all.

A large percentage of Europe’s population does not practise its religion yet declares itself a Christian nonetheless.

A large percentage of Europe’s population claims to be Christian -not knowing that he is not a Christian if he does not practise his religion -, because it labours under the illusion that Christianity and religion are two distinct and separate things. I am afraid that a large percentage of Europe’s population declares its allegiance to Christianity to distinguish itself from Jews and Muslims, as if this denoted cultural superiority on top of merely being different. Though there is only one major difference between the Jewish and the Christian religions, and one I would not be proud of if I was a Christian: that is, Christianity kills; Judaism does not. Christians, for example, have murdered millions of Jews throughout history, Christians have introduced laws to exclude Jews (in five years, we’ll „celebrate” the 800th anniversary of the Golden Bull, which incorporated the world’s first anti-Jewish law), tacitly giving the self-appointed Christian mob a free hand to start so-called pogroms and increase the number of Jewish deaths alongside those caused by the officially sanctioned mass murders of the official church authorities.

Besides killing Jews, Christianity eliminated Arabs and Turks too, also in the name of its own religion, and it is particularly gripping when the two mass murderers, Christians and Muslims accuse each other, you started it, no, *you* started it. And when one mass murderer builds his own temple in the place of the demolished one of the Jews, thereby rendering all kinds of archaeological (i.e. independent of religion) activities impossible, not to mention any other wanton acts of destruction.

But now I want to talk to only one of the mass murderers, the one which would be well on its way to extinction, but for ignorance keeping it alive – the Supreme Christian übermensch. It is those carriers of this superiority complex who are in a tiny minority in the defining countries of the Atlantic region, and deem themselves Christian believers, but in fact belong to no church whatsoever, who, with their stupidity keep alive those politicians who rule over the overwhelming majority, along with their heirs who loudly proclaim their Christianity, and carry on a violent, ruthless ideology that tramples anything and anyone in its path. Who, taking their own ignorance as a starting point, rely on the twilight that suffuses the minds of the European voters, a twilight whose essence is religious intolerance without religion and the total exclusion of all who are not Christians.

There is a terrible suspicion I have not even wanted to say to myself: those are the really dangerous Christians who follow their duty. Those who do all kinds of things, marching under various „Christian” banners, that benefit the people – and which in fact have nothing to do with Christianity.

One example. Angela Merkel. I do not know much about her, but what I do know makes her the only likeable politician in my book (sometimes she could be a bit tougher, you know what I mean, but this is just our bitterness here in the country of the Felcsút soccer player). She is smart, adaptable, that is, intelligent, treats both her colleagues and German citizens well, speaks and behaves sensibly, is present wherever she has to be (especially at notable concerts) but never showy because she does not bask in popularity, but prefers to keep a low profile, and so on. Can you name even one of these that is a Christian trait? And yet the assembly she helms is called a Christian Democratic party (a special, constricting horror is conferred by the term of „Christian” on „democracy”, which is probably not even thought of by those who coined this monstrous term, for what kind of ” people’s rule” is the one from which non-Christians are ab ovo excluded.

Another example (which will not endear me to the faithful in the least). Gábor Iványi. An extraordinarily likable person, I deeply respect him for what he does. But I have the same question as above: what is Christian in what he does? I would also like to ask: was he a basically selfish, charmless person, born indifferent to the suffering of others who, having encountered the teachings of Christianity, has become who he is now? And if so, why did he decide to follow only some of the tenets of Christianity?

Do you understand what my problem is here? These people are emblematic figures for the good-natured crowd, embodiments of the good Christian. While, on the one hand, there is nothing Christian about their essential qualities, and on the other hand, by demonstrating their Christianity, they claim their non-Christian attributes to serve a malicious, indefensible idea: the primacy of faith against knowledge. The promise of Heaven as the ultimate goal, salvation (does anyone know what the hell that is?), Meeting God as the ultimate reward of earthly existence.

But I digress. The problem is that almost everywhere, this Christian minority dominates the overwhelming majority, even in more scrupulous countries, creating the illusion that they have great numbers, since the voters also think of themselves as Christians.

Being baptized in the hocus pocus of a Christian ceremony, or being born in a successor state of a once-Christian state, or being surrounded by so-called (who knows why) Christian culture (please do not to say that the presence of many Christian churches equals Christian culture) do not make one a Christian. Only practising your religion does. If you claim to be a Christian, then be one: be religious. If you are not one, do not parade yourself as one purely because this will grant you entry to a superior community.

I’ve said it before that Christianity would not be superior to any other religion even if, during the fifteen hundred years of its history, mass murder and other forms of violence had not been its most typical feature.

The barrel-bellied, fat-arsed one from Felcsut also wields the stick of Christianity holding captive all who would otherwise have left long ago but dare not to because this exceptionally primitive mass of the population fears the wrath of God. And they cling to their belief that it is Christianity, wheeled out several times a day, that connects them to this most illustrious of leaders.

Béla Benedikty

 Translated by Judit Gábris

A Szalonna egy teljes mértékben civil, független véleményportál. Nem kérünk és nem fogadunk el támogatást senkitől, csak az olvasóinktól. Ha olvasni szeretnél, nem ugrik az arcodba egyetlen reklám sem. Ez csakis úgy lehetséges, ha te fizetsz a munkánkért. Kizárólag ezekből a támogatásokból működik a Szalonna, hónapról hónapra. Ha kiürül a becsületkassza, elfogy a Szalonna. Ne úgy fogd fel, mintha koldusnak adnál, hanem úgy, mintha az újságosnál fizetnél rendszeresen a kedvenc magazinodért.