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Someone Threw the Light Switch, That’s All

Ez a felület kizárólag önkéntes olvasói támogatásokból működik. Nem politikusok, háttérhatalmak és gazdasági érdekcsoportok tulajdona, kizárólag az olvasóké.

Kiszámítható működésünket körülbelül havi 3,000,000 forint biztosítja. Ebben a hónapban összegyűlt 2,329,960 forint, még hiányzik 670,040 forint.
A Szalonnát ITT támogathatod, a Szalonnázó extra cikkeire ITT tudsz előfizetni.

Köszönjük, hogy fontos számodra a munkánk.

The Russians are already in the pantry[1], and to this we can quietly add: hand in hand with the Americans. Now. This is not as funny as it sounds.

The news portal Index published an interview with Ferenc Katrein who had worked for the Hungarian counter-intelligence agency for 13 years including a stint as an executive head of operations. Currently he lives a civilian life abroad and in this interview said really scary things. Maybe not so much “scary” as “thought-provoking”. Because it is nothing short of thought-provoking. Even – or rather especially – if Lajos Kósa, the newspaper Magyar Idők and the news portal Pesti Srácok join forces to discredit Ferenc Katrein[2].

Because this is no game, no internal affair of the government, no joke and not the private affair of a few people. These things are not coming from an overworked economic genius whose mental exhaustion produces paranoid symptoms and nonsensical utterances but from a former executive head of operations of the counter-intelligence agency. This, without a doubt, is a position which even today, peculiar as it may sound, requires to be filled by someone else than a neurotic cousin, so he is a professional.

It does no good to swallow the usual tosh of he is a laid off nobody looking to revenge his wounded pride and best to be ignored either, because lots of facts confirm the statements of Katrein. Even the devout fans should notice the connections. And even the most devout of fans should start to worry if we are to believe, that is,that they have always been the sworn enemies of the Soviet Union and all they did was subverting the communist system from inside having suffered so under the commie terror that now they even abstain from Heineken beer because of the red star on its label. Before we continue, I suggest we watch the linked video. It doesn’t feature nude dancers but serious questions concerning us all. And not even the most wicked Lajos Kósa would dare call Péter Tarjányi[3] an offended neurotic nobody.

Interview with Péter Tarjányi by atv.hu

This issue is best tackled realistically rather than emotionally. Putin you can love or hate but he is only doing what he thinks is best for his country (and what is beneficial for his own power, of course) without getting emotionally involved. He is not vindictive towards Hungary (why would he be?), he does not want to screw us, he just wants to strengthen the position of Russia in the world, which by definition means against the European Union. There is nothing abnormal in this, every country does the same in some form or another.

The problem starts when one member state of the EU (or more member states but let’s just stick to Hungary now), or to be more precise, the leaders of that member state assist Putin in reaching his goals. Because Hungary is not a member state of Russia, but of the European Union. Our interest is not to support Putin’s ambitions but to strengthen the EU. Which causes a collision of interests. And as we are one of the parties colliding, it is our head that will get hurt. And not just the head of auntie Joey in the back of beyond, but her grandchildren’s heads, too.

This is not about being a staunch supporter of Viktor Orbán or Ferenc Gyurcsány, or not supporting anyone at all. This is about our country, about us all and about the fate of future generations. I refuse to believe it possible that anyone can bein such a thrall of any politician that jeopardizing the future of our grandchildren would seem like a viableoption. They haven’tgot the right to do so. Nobody has.

This dirty game has beengoing on foryears. Someone justthrew the light switch, that’s all. From now on only the ones with their eyes closed cannot see what is happening.

I do not know about you, but I would much rather be a full right citizen of the European Union than a lowly servant of the former Soviet Union. Because make no mistake,that is what this is all about.

[1]              “The Russians are already in the pantry” is a famous quote from the 1965 Hungarian comedy film of Márton Keleti called The Corporal and the Others (A tizedes meg a többiek).

[2]              An analysis of the interview by Hungarian Spectrum.

[3]              Police expert, businessman, and author. He was the leader of the Anti-Terrorist Squad of the Hungarian Police Force. After leaving the force, he trained police and military units assigned to war zone operations. His books are distillations of his own professional experiences.

Written by: Erzsébet Forgács, 22/03/2017

Translated by: Eszter Somogyi

Edited by: Réka Eszter Szabó


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