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Why Is It That Mentally Challenged Characters Calling Themselves Conservatives Can Bring the Meanest Measures Over the Heads of Those Concerned?

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Written by Andrea H., 12-10-2016

Translated by SEA

Edited by SZRE

We will strive to ensure that even in pregnancies which are very difficult, when a child is sure to die or strongly deformed, women end up giving birth so that the child can be baptised, buried and have a name.

These are not my words, but Jarosław Kaczyński’s, chairman of the Polish Law and Justice Party who hasn’t been able to come to terms with the fact that his country seems to have survived the Middle Ages. What he cannot accept either is that the intention to tighten the already extremely strict abortion law caused a huge uproar in Poland as well as the rest of the world, as a result of which milk maid Prime Minister Beata Szydło and her government backed down swiftly the other day.

However, this brief normality has fled the mind of Poland’s leader (who incidentally is Jarosław, not Beata) and – nationwide protests notwithstanding – he came forth with the utterance quoted above. The Polish governing party couldn’t care less about the masses of people opposing the intended measure, they do not give a flying fart if the foetus is incapable of living or it has some severe genetic disease, they just trudge on. For the sake of baptisms and burials.

While I admit that not even on the rarest of occasions have I been able to think with the mind of a religion-junkie, a politician, or a devout member of a sect, I have always tried to understand what happens in those troubled waters. In our case: what is going on in the mind of a politician or a government that sees the wilful realization of a decision against public volition as some kind of an accomplishment? Especially when the particular regulation is already quite severe in Poland and abortions are allowed only if there is a health risk to the mother or the foetus or in case of pregnancies resulting from rape. Kaczynski’s lunacy would close the door on these last two exceptions.

We certainly do not have to look long and far for examples of consequences when a non-existent political party calling itself deeply Christian inflicts itself and its will on a society. To wilfully and self-servingly work against not only an invalid referendum but distinctly palpable public dissatisfaction is an organic control tool of governance in Hungary. Far be it from me to say that KDNP’s[1] idiotic Sunday shutdown[2] campaign can be mentioned in the same breath as the sensitive issue of abortion, one is compelled to ask: what kind of Christianity do these people stand for? What kind of self-appointed national-rightist-Christian governments are these?

Recalling how  representatives of the same Polish economic and political life presented our individual called Viktor Orbán the “Man of the Year”award sends shivers down my spine. The man, incidentally, will deliver a speech with his crony-in-arm Polish President outside the Hungarian Parliament on 23rd October. This same man has already gushed about the distinguished friendship cultivated with the leaders of the Polish people in an attempt of persuading himself, his audience and all of us that the people of Central Europe should retain their religious, national and historical identity.

…this is not a ragged garment to cast off in this modern age, but armour protecting us,

that helps us to survive and become successful. Only communities possessing a strong identity can be successful. As he said: we have to protect our identity by all means, or else “there won’t be a place under the sun for us”. Well, I give you this national Christian identity to be admired by all. I give you the protective armour donned by Orbán’s Polish friend: forcing a woman to give birth to a sick child only to baptise and bury it.

Who are these people showing us the way while feeding off each other’s lunacy in this corner of Europe? Who is this Jarosław Kaczyński, this mentally challenged individual calling himself a conservative who wants control over the bodies of women, wants to possess them and to decide what is good for them? To what extent is this overbearing atrocity a Christian deed? How great a Christian is this 67-year-old conservative, single, childless politician who lived with his mother till he was 60, while – according to gossip –   carrying on with a spinster employee? What has this man got to do with other women’s birth canals?

Why is it always that (judging by our own home turf) the cruellest, most evil and most infamous measures are brought by such mentally challenged characters calling themselves conservatives over the heads and against the explicit wishes of those concerned? What mean government – led by a sneaky, remote-controlled woman – would force such an outrageous idea fuelled by a sadist passion down the throat of the Polish society come what may? Is it not enough tragedy for a mother to lose a child? Well then, let’s add a conservative step and make her already miserable life a living hell: let’s make it compulsory for her to bear a full term and give birth to her dead or sick child so that after the pains of labour she can look forward to holding a dead baby in her arms. Have any of these so called responsible decision-makers ever stopped to think what a tragedy in itself it is to carry a child knowing all this?

It is clear that this madness of the Polish regime inspired by the anti-democratic actions of Viktor Orbán surpasses the Christian Democratic bigotry of our own sleazy KDNP. But I am not able to comprehend why this insane, inhumane, insensitive, ultraconservative, obsolete bullshit is being forced in Warsaw? I think that this kind of fanatic religiousness (and here the stress lies on fanaticism, not religiousness) kills: it ruins the individual, dulls the mind and plunges society into despair. No exceptions.

The Polish people have saddled themselves with the same bigot, narrow-minded, dangerous bullies as the Hungarians, though truth be told, the Hungarian religion-fundamentalists forced only the Sunday shutdown of shops and were satisfied merely chanting about the feminine principle. We could almost be happy about it but for this alarming Polish-Hungarian friendship stemming from the same root hovering over our heads. The lunacies of Orbán and Kaczyński share a common stinking origin; the same hypocritical urge to destroy presides over everything here as well as there.  So here they are: the backbone of the Visegrád Group, the frustrated moral guards propagating their foul, musty 13th-century ideas against Europe.

We have these spiritually bruised politicians from the extreme right attacking the politically correct, liberal governance having vowed that once in power they would avenge themselves for all their childhood traumas and deprivations. They make a whole country’s life miserable because once upon a time they were beaten by their father. There is never even the tiniest bit of empathy behind all the religious bullshit. The expressions conservative and Christian become more and more synonymous with mourning the bygone days and the anachronistic desire to return there which then in turn replaces all responsible governance before our eyes.

The best thing in this immensely low political decision which has no rhyme or reason other than degrading and humiliating women and making them dependent, and which can be challenged from both medical and moral points of view, is that it is clearly the obsession of a mentally defective conservative idiot who has no relevant experience whatsoever and is incapable of empathy and solidarity. Unfortunately this does not stop him from forcing his wish against everybody else’s.

Meet Jarosław, friend of our Viktor. The under-socialized bully who is using a woman to realize his clouded mind’s fantasy. Beata, puppet PM does not defend her fellow women’s interests, but slavishly executes the plan of the party leader, a confirmed bachelor, who has grown old alone. The lunacy of Orbán has found its resonance in the governing party of Poland and we should all be concerned. Because amidst their misogynist rhetoric and actions they reap political capital by screaming with bulging arteries about migrants raping women.  Well, what is this if not rape? When shithead politicians regard women’s bodies as insensible sacks of potatoes?

Orbán has started a dangerous course in this corner of Europe and we could not find a better example to prove it.

[1]          KDNP Christian Democratic People’s Party

[2]          The idea that all shops, markets and supermarkets should remain closed on Sundays was an idea of KDNP and was introduced by the Hungarian Government in 2015. It was opposed by great masses of the people, and the act was withdrawn by Fidesz only after one year in effect as a political manoeuvre against the Hungarian Socialist Party.


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